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Customize your investments with goal-based, core portfolios & alpha-focused equity strategies.

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Risk-aligned, core portfolios for key financial milestones

No matter what happens in the market, life goes on. Professional investing always accounts for this. So do we.

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Prioritize your goals and distribute SIPs in a way that's ideal for you.
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Invest via your own brokerage account for maximum transparency
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Customize each goal portfolio to your risk profile & financial reality
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Track & manage all portfolios daily until each goal is achieved

Boost portfolio returns with factor based, equity strategies

Invest in internationally-renowned, rule-based Factor strategies that help you generate alpha like never before

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Select from highly refined, rule-based algos focused on alpha
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Balance portfolios by combining different risk profiles
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Leverage market dynamics with zero human bias strategies
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Maximize gains with timely rebalancing & reallocations
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Automated Portfolio Management & Rebalancing

Any good investment practice can never be a one-time thing. You need to track and optimise it on a continuous basis. We do so in the following ways:

  • We perform range-bound rebalancing and review to reflect changing market condition and customer risk profile.
  • Standardized treatment for all corporate actions and corporate events that can have an impact on portfolio returns.
  • Depending on user preference, dividend can be reinvested in portfolio or be considered as cash pay-out.

Elever has partnered with India's top brokerage houses for single-click execution​

Unlike Mutual Funds, we don't hold your money. We execute our advisory via your own brokerage account, giving you maximum control over your investments.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elever SEBI approved?

Yes. Elever is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (Registration No. INA200016102) registered under SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations as amended from time to time. Registration valid till cancelled.

How to create a goal?

What are EleverFactors?

EleverFactors are Factor-based stock portfolios, also called Smart Beta portfolios. These portfolios follow a rule-based, systematic approach to selecting investments to include in a portfolio. It chooses the companies based on various factors, such as dividend, value, low volatility, and excess return or alpha. It is a blend of active and passive investing, where the objective is to beat the market. All these EleverFactors have no lock-ins and no exit loads.

Apart from this, we have come up with Parking Fund and Gold Locker, keeping in mind our customer's various needs.

  • Parking Fund provides an inflation-beating return with very good liquidity. If they are held for more than 3 years, it gives a direct inflation hedge with high inflation compensated by tax savings. Further, there are no lock-ins or
  • Gold Locker is meant for those interested in investing in Gold for their long-term needs. Gold ETFs are much safer, low-cost, tax-effective, and highly liquid than physical and digital Gold.
  • Important to note that Parking Fund and Gold Locker are free of cost, and there are no hidden charges.

How are my investment portfolios decided by Elever?

For Goals: Elever uses Modern Portfolio Theory to arrive at asset allocation models that maximize expected returns based on a given level of market risk. Then, using your risk profile and goal attributes, we decide on a suitable asset allocation model.

The following are the instruments used to represent each asset class:

  • A combination of ETFs and stocks would represent Indian Equities
  • ETFs would represent gold, Indian Fixed-Income securities, and International Equities

Our investment team selects ETFs and stocks in our portfolio based on a detailed review and back-testing process. Our selection process considers a range of factors for both ETFs (fund size, liquidity, expense ratio, etc.) and stocks (liquidity, past performance, volatility, etc.). In addition, we regularly review these selections to ensure they represent the best available investment options for our customers.

For EleverFactors: Elever follows a 3-step process

  • Exhaustive Research: Deep quantitative and qualitative analysis around investment literature written over the last 100 years and more than 50 million data points spread across the last 15 20 years and 15 different markets to identify factors and themes that have created long term wealth for investors.
  • Objective Passive Investing: Objective rule-based backtesting of portfolios over the last 15 20 years to identify the factors/strategies that allow for selecting winners in Indian equity markets. All strategies follow pre-defined tested rules with zero human or emotional bias.
  • Long-Term Discipline: Strategies are tested for long holding periods exceeding 10 years with the assumption that investors would maintain investment discipline during rough patches Investors must consider risk suitability to avoid any panic reaction during bearish phases.

Based on the above process, portfolios are decided for each EleverFactors. In addition, we regularly review these selections to ensure they represent the best available investment options for our customers.

How are my investments held? Is it safe with Elever?

All your investments made through Elever are owned directly by you in your name in your brokerage account. Your money is never held by Elever directly or pooled with any of our customers. Elever acts as an interface that advises, implements, and facilitates buying and maintaining your investment holdings after your explicit approval.

Can Elever automatically execute trade on customer’s behalf?

Elever will only facilitate the execution of trade through your brokerage account after receiving your explicit approval. As per SEBI regulations, Elever does not provide execution services. Therefore, you have complete discretion on the timing and execution of the trade.