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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Elever

What are EleverFactors?

EleverFactors are Factor-based stock portfolios, also called Smart Beta portfolios. These portfolios follow a rule-based, systematic approach to selecting investments to include in a portfolio. It chooses the companies based on various factors, such as dividend, value, low volatility, and excess return or alpha. It is a blend of active and passive investing, where the objective is to beat the market. All these EleverFactors have no lock-ins and no exit loads.

Apart from this, we have come up with Parking Fund and Gold Locker, keeping in mind our customer's various needs.

  • Parking Fund provides an inflation-beating return with very good liquidity. If they are held for more than 3 years, it gives a direct inflation hedge with high inflation compensated by tax savings. Further, there are no lock-ins or
  • Gold Locker is meant for those interested in investing in Gold for their long-term needs. Gold ETFs are much safer, low-cost, tax-effective, and highly liquid than physical and digital Gold

Important to note that Parking Fund and Gold Locker are free of cost, and there are no hidden charges

How to invest in an EleverFactors?

Elever has come up with ten different types of EleverFactors depending on the individual or combination of various factors. These factors include dividend, volatility, growth, alpha, etc. Each of these EleverFactors has its defined inherent risk ranging from low to high volatility. Depending on your risk profile, you can choose one that matches.

Though we don't recommend it, you may choose to invest in EleverFactors that has a higher risk than your risk profile, however, to do so you will be asked to give additional consent that you recognize it is not as per Elever’s recommendation for your risk profile.

How can I track my EleverFactors?

You can go to Factor's dashboard in the Elever App, where all your active investments will be available. In addition, the dashboard will provide the current status of each EleverFactors and notify if any action (SIP and/or rebalancing) is required for a given EleverFactors.

Does Elever guarantee returns?

No. Neither can any other investment advisor. The advisory provided is on best effort basis.

The reason is straightforward. All investment products are subject to market risks, and hence performance can never be 100% guaranteed. Please note that past performance does not guarantee future returns and the performance of Elever's investment advisory services is subject to market risk. Furthermore, a completely unpredicted event like the Covid crisis can disrupt the market, which will be beyond anyone's control.

Can I partially withdraw my EleverFactors or EleverTacticals?

There are no restrictions on the number of withdrawals. However, whenever you initiate partial withdrawal you need to withdraw minimum 20% of the portfolio. Do keep in mind that doing so severely compromises the ability to achieve the expected returns.

How many EleverFactors or EleverTacticals can I have at the same time?

There are no restrictions on the number of EleverFactors or EleverTacticals that you may want to invest.

What would happen to my investment if I want to switch to another broker?

As of now, this facility is not allowed. Instead, you will have to withdraw and close the EleverFactors with your current broker. As of now you can't link more than one broker account with Elever.

What if I fail to rebalance as per notification?

After seven days have passed from the initial notification, Elever would club the missed rebalancing event with the next rebalancing or SIP event.